Tropicana Entertainment in the news

From the St.Louis Post Dispatch-

ST. LOUIS • Tropicana Entertainment’s deal to sell six of its eight casino properties, including Lumière Place in downtown St. Louis, poses a unique regulatory dilemma for Missouri gaming officials and one that industry executives across the country will monitor closely. Read the rest of the story here.

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Wednesday April 25th Meeting Agenda- note start time is 9 a.m.

Meeting Notice

 Date:      April 25, 2018

Time:     9:00 a.m.

Place:     Missouri Gaming Commission

               3417 Knipp Drive

               Jefferson City, Missouri


**Special Accommodations: Accommodations for people with disabilities are available.  Please contact us either by telephone at (573) 526-2326, or e-mail at, 72 hours in advance of the meeting, if possible.

 Tentative Agenda

 Call to Order

 Consideration of Minutes

  1. March 28, 2018

III.       Consideration of Hearing Officer Recommendations

  1. Geneen L. Harper
    1. Resolution No. 18-020
  2. Mary L. Laborada
    1. Resolution No. 18-021
  3. Ryan Day
    1. Resolution No. 18-022


  1. Consideration of Relicensure of Class A Licensee

Eldorado Resorts, Inc. (Class A)

  • Presentation by Applicant
  • Investigative Summary
  • Staff Recommendation
  1. Resolution No. 18-023


  1. Consideration of Relicensure of Certain Suppliers
  2. Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd.
  3. Resolution No. 18-024
  4. Everi Games, Inc.
  5. Resolution No. 18-025


  1. Consideration of Licensure of Certain Supplier
  1. Ainsworth Game Technology, Inc.
    1. Resolution No. 18-026


VII.      Consideration of Disciplinary Actions

  1. Tropicana St. Louis, LLC
    1. DC-18-032
    2. Tropicana St. Louis, LLC
    3. DC-18-033


VIII.     Consideration of Waiver of Licensure for Institutional Investor

  1. Canyon Capital Advisors LLC
  2. Resolution No. 18-027


  1. Consideration of Rules and Regulations
  2. Proposed Amendments Rescinding or Modifying Rules and Regulations that Overlap, Duplicate or Conflict with a Statute or Another Rule
  1. 11 CSR 45-1.015 – Code of Ethics
  2. 11 CSR 45-1.090 – Definitions
  3. 11 CSR 45-4.020 – Licenses, Restrictions on Licenses, Licensing Authority of the Executive Director, and Other Definitions
  4. 11 CSR 45-4.210 – Temporary Supplier’s License
  5. 11 CSR 45-4.260 – Occupational Licenses for Class A, Class B, and Suppliers
  6. 11 CSR 45-4.380 – Occupational and Key Person/Key Business Entity License Application and Annual Fees
  7. 11 CSR 45-5.065 – Patrons Unlawfully on Excursion Gambling Boat – Not Eligible for Gambling Game Winnings
  8. 11 CSR 45-6.030 – Firearms on the Riverboat
  9. 11 CSR 45-30.065 – Licenses Required
  10. 11 CSR 45-30.480 – Package Deals and Tying Arrangements Prohibited
  11. 11 CSR 45-30.523 – Supplier License
  12. 11 CSR 45-30.555 – Agreements Restricting Freedom to Buy and Sell Prohibited
  13. Proposed Amendments Rescinding or Modifying Rules and Regulations that are Unnecessary, Not Essential to the Health, Safety or Welfare of Missouri Residents, or are Obsolete
    1. 11 CSR 45-5.181 – Promotional Activities
  14. 11 CSR 45-5.184 – Table Game Cards – Receipt, Storage, Inspections, and Removal from Use
  15. 11 CSR 45-5.260 – Dice Specifications
  16. 11 CSR 45-6.010 – Safety and Environment
  17. 11 CSR 45-6.020 – Safety Standards
  18. 11 CSR 45-6.025 – Safety Inspections
  19. 11 CSR 45-7.160 – Designated Security Officer Trained in Basic Life Support and First Aid Required
  20. 11 CSR 45-8.050 – Standard Financial and Statistical Reports
  21. 11 CSR 45-8.060 – Audits
  22. 11 CSR 45-8.090 – Mandatory Count Procedures
  23. 11 CSR 45-8.130 – Tips and Gifts
  24. 11 CSR 45-8.150 – Cash Reserve Requirements
  25. 11 CSR 45-9.101 – Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS) – Chapter A
  26. 11 CSR 45-9.120 – Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS) – Chapter T
  27. Motion for Closed Meeting under Sections 313.847 and 313.945, RSMo., Investigatory, Proprietary and Application Records and 610.021(1), RSMo., Legal Actions, (3) & (13) Personnel and (14) Records Protected from Disclosure by Law


  1. Motion to Open Meeting


XII.      Adjournment



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Eldorado Resorts to buy Lumiere Place

Read the story in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Missouri Gaming Commission is mentioned.

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Petition drive to put smoking ban on the ballot in St.Louis County

From the St.Louis Post Dispatch…

ST. LOUIS COUNTY • A coalition of health groups is gathering signatures to force a public vote Nov. 6 on snuffing out exemptions for casinos and more than 90 bars allowed under St. Louis County’s seven-year-old indoor smoking ban. Read more here.

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Next MGC Meeting

The next meeting of the Missouri Gaming Commission will be Wednesday, April 25th at 9 a.m. Note the earlier start time. The agenda will be posted on this page when it becomes available.

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Sports Wagering in Missouri

Max Fillion of the Columbia Missourian writes about sports wagering legislation. Read the story here.

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Gambling in Arkansas

The Fort Smith Arkansas newspaper has a story about gambling in Arkansas. Read it in the Times Record.

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20 years for Angie Franks

Angie Franks has been the MGC Commission Assistant for over 20 years. Her job duties include making sure meetings run smoothly and ensuring the commissioners are prepared for meetings. This includes meeting materials and hotel arrangements and all the things which go with being a great assistant. Angie is a go-getter and rarely leaves a stone unturned. Today Chairman Herb Kohn and the MGC commissioners presented Angie with a proclamation from Governor Eric Greitens on 20 years of service to the State of Missouri. Congratulations Angie!

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Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations to Missy Smith the MGC Employee of the Quarter. Missy was selected by her peers for her outstanding work at Hollywood Casino in Maryland Heights. Missy is an exceptional assistant to gaming agents and everyone at the MGC office benefits from her previous law enforcement experience. Her keen observation skills and hard work get her big recognition. Congrats Missy!

The award was a surprise for Missy who was led to the Jefferson City office under false pretenses. Deputy Director McGrail advises Missy to choose wisely when selecting her lunch location with MGC Executive Director Bill Seibert.Congratulations Missy!


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Employee Honors at Today’s MGC Meeting


Service awards were presented to North Kansas City MGC Office Manager Amber Connor (top), River City Senior Office Support Assistant Angie Rinker-Lugo (middle), and Tara Nivens of our Jefferson City MGC Bingo Division (bottom photo).  Congrats to these awesome women! Deputy Director Tim McGrail presents the service awards.

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