Ten the Hard Way with Les Hahn

Les Hahn is this week’s Hard Way victim. You’ve seen him, you know him, and you love him. His office is in the basement (or should we say cellar ? )of the MGC. Read On.

Ten the Hard Way with Les Hahn- Gaming Enforcement Manager

 1. What is your primary job function?

something of a jack of all trades. Besides
being the Training Coordinator for the Commission’s gaming-related training, I
handle regulatory enforcement issues related to casino table

games, citizen complaints about casinos, and gaming
intelligence information. I also sit on
the Discipline Review Board and handle phone calls that no one else wants. I tend to be the self-appointed devil’s
advocate during staff discussions, defending the least popular opinion.

2. What is the best part of your job?

        My job
draws on all of my best skills and personal traits. I am obsessively detail oriented and
literal-minded when reviewing table game rules and applying our
regulations. I am empathetic and an
active listener when people call me with complaints about the casinos. I also have to write letters and provide
verbal responses to the public and to casinos that are clear, concise, and
legally sound. It may not sound fun to a
lot of you, but I enjoy the diversity and the challenges.

3. How long have you been with the MGC?

            Three years
as of this month.

4. Have you always been in regulation?

No, but
I’ve been regulated quite a bit throughout my adult life. I was a civilian auditor and trainer with the
State Highway Patrol’s Criminal Justice Information Systems programs before
coming to MGC. Before that I was a
municipal cop for six years, a self-employed licensed securities and insurance
salesman, a wholesale greenhouse worker, and an Army officer for 11 years. My diverse experience gives me a lot of
perspectives to draw on in dealing with situations I face at MGC.

5. Tell us something about yourself?

My wife and
I live in an underground house, “Hahn’s Hobbitat,” which I designed. When my oldest son moved out of the house, my
wife converted his room to display part of her doll collection. I’m told Children’s Librarians NEED dolls as
professional tools. Our guests don’t
overstay their welcome with 200 beady eyes watching them sleep. When our second son moved out of the house, I
converted his room into a winery and wine cellar.

6. Do you have any hobbies?

          I live on a
30 acre farm that consumes most of my “spare” time. I am currently researching and experimenting
with growing wine grapes to support my amateur winemaking. Sorry, Uncle Sam says I can’t sell you any.

7. What do you look forward to most in life?

Seeing what
comes across my desk each day at work and building a “real” winery and wine
cellar on the farm.

8. Where do you see the riverboat gaming world heading?

Gaming in Missouri will continue to evolve and expand very gradually as the public gets more accustomed
to casino gambling while MGC continues to keep organized crime out and integrity
in. Recent legislative sessions have
shown that expansion of the industry will be hotly debated.

9. If you weren’t a GEM, what would you be?

            That tends
to change over the years. Right now, I
would likely work for a winery to learn more about growing grapes and making quality
wines from them.

10. Any tattoos?

           No. All of my scars, marks, etc. are natural
results of my experiences and occasionally poor judgment. But, I guess you could say that about
tattoos, too.

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