Ten the Hard Way with Ray Pope

The Missouri Gaming Commission’s IT Division is led by Ray Pope. He calls his employees " my kids", and his offices are "my shop". He has a gruff and take-no grief manner. He’s also a heckuva guy. Read more.

Ten the
Hard Way with Ray Pope

1. How long
with MGC?

Four years and six

2. What is
your job function?

I oversee the upgrading and modernization of
the Gaming Commissions information technology infrastructure. 

We have four people who take care of one
wide area and 14 local area computer networks. 

We also have five people who develop and
maintain the applications which perform the unique functions of the

We also perform all training on these unique
applications and the full Microsoft (MS) Office Suite of

3. Would
you consider yourself a computer nerd?

I prefer to be called a Computer Geek.  As
you can see from the
 below nerd is a rather unflattering

an unstylish, unattractive, or socially
inept person;
 especially: one slavishly
devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits
<computer nerds>

Geek a person often of an intellectual bent
who is disliked
or an enthusiast or expert especially in a
technological field or activity
<computer geek>

 4. What
looms ahead in the world of IT?

We are in the process of upgrading our three
year old desk/lap top computers and also some of our five plus year old
servers.  We are also researching to determine if we should install MS Share
Point Server to assist with web forms, report collaboration and shared file
access.  In addition, we are doing some research on the MS System Management

Currently, we are into the demo phase of a
replacement GIR System which would be the precursor to a new legal system.  We
also are in the very early phases of some other new and revised systems which
will help the commission perform in a more efficient manner in the

5. Any

I am a football, basketball and NASCAR fan.  I also like to
build things.

6. Do you
have a hero?

Not really!

7. If money
was no object, what would Ray Pope do?

Travel all over this country and get

8. If you
were not in IT, what would you be?

I never thought about not being in computers
(except for that short time when I was in data processing before the advent of
computers).  Maybe a used car salesman, I have been very successful in building
peoples trust!

9. What
would surprise people to learn about you?

I love to go shopping.  “People watching” is
one of favorite pastimes.  The dress, style (or lack of style) and their
mannerisms is very interesting.

10. Summer
or winter?

I try to enjoy both but summer is a lot
easier to enjoy.

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