Ten the Hard Way with Cheryl Napoli

Cheryl Napoli is Manager of the Kansas City MGC office. She is conscientious, hard-working and fun.
If you’ve been around Cheryl  you notice the twinkle in her eye and her infectious giggle. She also knows where you can find the best eats near the KC MGC office. Read more.


Ten the Hard Way with Cheryl Napoli

1. What are your job
duties with the Missouri Gaming Commission?

I manage the Kansas City office on a daily basis with
responsibility for all incoming calls, visitors, scheduling of meetings,
conference room reservations, pool vehicles, inventory maintenance, equipment
maintenance, and building issues. I
conduct DAP interviews and assist in licensing at the boats if needed.

 2. How long have you
been with the MGC?
 10 years and 11

 3. Do you have any
 I enjoy going to car shows.
I am  a member of two lodges. My three grandson’s activities are my

 4. If money was no
object, what would you do?
 Live like
I did in the 60’s. I would travel the
country, but not in a van.

 5. What has been the
biggest change in your job since working for the MGC
? When I switched from working on a boat to
managing the KC office.

 6. Where are you from originally? Kansas City. 

 7. Everyone comments
on your excellent sense of humor- Is it genetic or environmental
Environmental I guess. I have a fun
group of people at work.

 8. What do you like
best about your job
? Not everyday is
the same.

 9. If you could run
the MGC for a day-what would you do?
 I would give everyone an extra day of vacation.

10. Favorite musical
group? Why? 
The musical group would be Styx, but my favorite singer is Tony Bennett.

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