Ten the Hard Way with David Kessel

Ten the Hard Way with

David Kessel

1. What is your job with the Missouri Gaming Commission?

Records Administrator: I manage all of the Commission records (applications, investigations
etc.). I also maintain our retention
schedule, review all incoming applications for completeness and I’m currently
working with the background investigators, financial investigators and others
to review and update our gaming applications. 

2. Tell us about yourself.

I’m married with 2 wonderful kids. I enjoy golf and Cardinal

3. If you could run the Missouri Gaming Commission for a day
what would you do?

Jeans day!

4. What is the favorite part of your gig?

The fact that you’re always learning something new about the
gaming industry.

5. What do you like to do for fun?

Spend time with the family, follow the Cardinals and ride my

6. What annoys you?


7. You have two daughters. What do you think is the most
important thing you teach them?

Respect and love

8. Getting back to work related issues; what do you see when
you look into your “records systems crystal ball”?

A lot less paper. I
think technology will make a huge difference in the records world.

9. Tell me about your job 10 years from now.

Less paper storage and more electronic media storage.

10. Paper or plastic?

Sorry environmentalists, plastic.

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