Rachel Thowe Giving Back

Rachel Thowe

Rachel Thowe is a Clerk with the Missouri State Highway Patrol who happens to work in the Missouri Gaming Commission office. Rachel noticed we have a box of pop can tabs in the basement which were just sitting there collecting dust. This is when Rachel sprang into action. But first a story…

Rachel Thowe was a little girl living in the state of New York. In 1983 little Rachel was reaching onto a cabinet for some butter when she accidentally knocked over a coffee percolator and was burned over 65% of her body. She almost died. Rachel says Shriners Hospital saved her life. She has the scars to prove it, but she doesn’t talk about it unless asked.

Rachel Thowe burn pic

Rachel decided years ago she wanted to help and give back to Shriners Hospitals, and as a youngster didn’t have the resources to do much. So she started collecting pop can tabs. She has collected thousands of pop can tabs and has delivered thousands to Shriners Hospitals.

Now that Rachel lives in mid-Missouri, her access to Shriners Hospital is limited so she has decided to deliver her pop can tabs to the Ronald McDonald House in Columbia, Missouri. Another worthy cause in her opinion, and in ours. When Rachel noticed nothing being done with the pop can tabs in the MGC basement she decided to take matters into her own hands. Now the pop can tabs will be going to a new home.

Pop can tabs

We are happy to help you Rachel.

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