Finders Keepers?

J0236314 Here is the scenario: you approach a slot machine, and you find credit or a ticket in the EGD, or a ticket with value anywhere else on the gaming floor. What do you do?

If there is money left on a machine when you first walk up to it, you should notify the casino staff. If you have already started playing on the machine, then you realize there are more credits than you have won or bought-in for, stop playing immediately and notify the casino staff. The staff may be able to review their records to determine whose money it is and return it to them. If a person intentionally takes the property of another and deprives the rightful owner of its use, that person may be arrested for stealing. This also applies to tickets and cash left in the machines or found on the casino floor. If you know who it belongs to, please give it back. If you don’t know who it belongs to, notify the casino security staff so they can try to identify the rightful owner. Try to follow the Golden rule- Someday the found money may be yours.

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